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Jinma Communication also known as Kimmar is a company in China that manufactures and markets 6,000 different types of earphones and headphones. We were founded by Mister MianChi Ma, in Huaqiang North (Huaqiangbei) District which has been known as Asia's electronics harbor since 1994. We collect firsthand information, analyze market trends and offer OEM/ODM services to satisfy customers with different needs.
We have been dedicating ourselves to research and development since 2000. Furthermore, we have created new divisions like Kimmar cables, waterproof earphones, zipper earphones, sports earphones and accessories.
Instead of massive advertising, we offer incentives to wholesalers, retailers and international sales teams to sell the products as a positive sign with improved profitability. In addition, we have set to challenge the demanding overseas market with registered office in Hong Kong and well prepared professional sales team. For the huge wave of new B2B and B2C, the official online website was launched.....
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