TWS Earbuds Price is competitive but with Good-value and Great Features

TWS Earbuds Price various greatly and there are hundreds of thousands models of TWS Earbuds on the market since Apple Inc. released its first TWS Earphones AirPods, with development of these 5 years, more competitors joined into this market, the clients becoming more and more difficult to choose which models of TWS they need, here is our simple suggestion, choose the TWS Earbuds Price is competitive but with good-value and great features


The Average TWS Earbuds Price on the Market

The average TWS earphones prices have big different between different brands and factories based on their different features. For the high end TWS with Active Noise Cancelling functions like AirPods 3, the retail price is more than USD300.00, And Huawei Freebuds 4 its retail price is more than USD150 both brands are aiming at high end market. For some of other brands, most of its TWS Earbuds Price various from USD40.00~USD70.00, there are common features including but not limited longer battery capacity more than 30 hours and waterproof level IPX4 or above and also use premium audio quality speakers inside the TWS Earphones, their quality of TWS Earbuds are great, however, the prices are not the most competitive one, in order help our clients to have the good-value for money TWS, we have our own understand which the TWS Earbuds Price is competitive but with great features


What is the Kimmar’s good-value for money TWS Earphones Model # TWS215 looks like?

The TWS Earphones Model # TWS205 we released has following features

Waterproof level is more than IPX5 which is can be used in rainingdays
Earhook designs rather than traditionalin-Ear type, with its hook on ear, the TWS Earbuds will never drop even if we doing gym & workouts
Even though, the playtime with charging box is no more than 15 hours, but the most users can acceptthe playtime 12~15hours, in this place we can cut the cost greatly and leave clients more competitive item for them
With its hard and durable chargingbox, the TWS Earbuds inside the charging box will be fully protected even if drop on the ground



What’s the wholesale price of good-value for money TWS Earbuds Model # TWS215 ?

Lots of clients around the world really care about this question, but we can promise you the this TWS Earbuds price is under USD10.00/unite, here is the photo of TWS Earbuds Model # TWS215

TWS Earbuds Price



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