What is the best bluetooth headphones looks like?

Best bluetooth headphones may be different options for different group of consumers. Someone prefer the very long playtime and costly raw materials and exquisite workmanship, some others may prefer premium audio quality and extremely soft ear muff, but there are lots of users still seeking the unique & new designs, new functions or features, but majority of them may looking for the great-value for money items as their best Bluetooth headphones


What is the best Bluetooth headphones looks like from Kimmar?

Kimmar also named Jinma Communications who produce the Earphones and Headphones around 20 years in China, who can produce more than 6,000 design of different earphones and headphones, we have different understand on the best Bluetooth headphones. For us, we are aiming at customize headphones for our clients around the world, we produced too many models of different headphones and too many brands from the world in the past 20 years. From the point of factory, we think the best Bluetooth headphones is a relatively questions, because clients’ marketing positioning, purpose, consumers group, countries etc are totally different with each other, any of the hot selling Bluetooth headphones in USA may not popular for the consumers in India. But there is one thing for certain that whatever the Bluetooth headsets looks like, it must solve the core requirements for users and the buyers whatever the design is.

best bluetooth headphones

Whats the core requirements for 2B buyer when choose the best Bluetooth headphones?

Well, this is a relative question too but whatever designs, it must have few features including but not limited the solid and durable quality rather than fragile which requires the reliable raw materials. Stable Wireless Bluetooth connection and more than 15 hours of play time. Customize the 2B buyers’ logo and do their packages for their Bluetooth headphones are essential request too, in the mean time, the 2B buyers prefers more to the great-value for money items as best Bluetooth headphones, these items means very good quality but with relative competitive price as the same quality level so that 2B buyers can have more profit margin and makes more money

best bluetooth headphones

What’s the best Bluetooth headphones we like to introduce today?

Today, we’d introduce our HOT-Selling Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones ANC-19 as our best Bluetooth headphones, compare with other competitors on the market, we have own features as below:

  1. Rigidplastic shell with Metal Headband inside

  Most of the wireless headphones are made from plastic materials including but not limited ABS, these materials are popular in 3C products however, it doesn’t means solid all the time especially for the headband part, this part may broken under large pressure. In order to solve this issue, we use the steel sheet inside the headphone to making durable enough, with this metal sheet headband, our ANC Headphones can be used for 3~5 years even longer.

best bluetooth headphones 

  1. 400Mahor 800mAh battery used which the playtime is around 15~80 hours

With two types of battery capacity 400mAh and 800mAh for options, we can provide our 2B clients more suitable choice for their market and this highlight can help them sell more in short time.


  1. Bluetooth 5.1 chipset, much more stable wireless connections

With Bluetooth 5.1 bluetooth chipset, this NOT only can provide 2B buyers a more stable wireless connection Bluetooth Headsets, users can play with it freely without any delay and pause,  but it have much lower power consumption to making it more reliable

best bluetooth headphones

  1. Protein cotton earmuffswith super soft

The premium protein cotton earmuffs are used in this ANC Bluetooth headphones, with it, users feels extremely comfortable and soft when wearing it, it won’t cause any pressure even for long time wearing it


  1. Active Noise Cancelling function is design in this Bluetooth headset, making it more upgrade quality level

With the active noise cancelling also called Active noise reduction function, the headphone can shield the noise which comes from the outside even if you are in noisy place like airport, bus, subway, then you can enjoy your audio life without any Interrupting 

  1. Premium Colorful Gift Box Package which can do clientscustomize artwork design on it

best bluetooth headphones  



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