How to choose wholesale earphones vendor from China?

There are too many vendors who supply the Earphones and headphones, whoever they claim they are factory or trading company, all of them claim that their earphones & headphones have very good quality offer you the best price. The quantity of different designs for Earphones is much larger than the quantity of vendors who supply earphones in China. Sometimes, it’s really difficult to choose one reliable wholesale earphones vendor for them, that’s true. As the buyer from the different companies and markets, they have totally different requirements when looking for wholesale earphones vendor online or offline, we’d like to talk about one of our customer who have more than 20 years of experience who do the souring of earphones online, here are his sharing are

How to choose wholesale earphones vendor from China?

Knowing yourself clearly about what kind of earphones you need

Some part of buyers don’t know what they need but simple send inquiry like this “We want to buy or we want to wholesale earphones for our company, please quote you best price” Well, this is normal inquiry standard for some of buyers which we widely seen, however this inquiry may be ignored by your potential vendor, because there are too models of earphones in any company whoever they are factory or trading company and too many works to do every day, in the vendors mind this kind of inquiry are not qualified enough for them to reply, they all know that asking buyers’ requirement on Earphones in detail and quantity , target prices may takes very long time., if the buyers can let them know clearly what we need in detail including but not limited, the using occasion, key features must required, similar photos, and let know huge quantity, showing them the budget price you may have, they definitely think like this “Oh, MGD, this is the professional buyers I am waiting for!” otherwise, it will take lots of time to email or call for each others, during these process, we will waste lots of time before we got the suitable quotation from vendors.

So in one word, knowing what we need, quantity and photos etc when wholesale earphones, is not only kind of help for vendors, but also for buyers, both of us can save time, only when we know what we need, it’s becoming much more easy to find the vendors online, let’s to go the seconds steps

Souring wholesale earphones according to what we need

Know what we know about what kind of earphones we looking for is the beginning of sources the wholesale earphones. In most times, our wholesale quantity is not large number, from dozens to thousand pcs, the vendor who only aiming at customized order may have no interest on the order of dozens or hundred pcs, but the vendor who have items in stock are willing to do this. If we need to ask our vendor to customize the logo on earphones and packages but quantity can’t meet with their MOQ, here is our suggestion, in general, the reason why the vendor who don’t accept our QTY for customized order is their partner who produce the packages are not willing to produce the small number of packages, we just need to ask our vendor to produce the products with our logo, for the packages, there are some other way to solve it, some of the small packages printing company in Guangdong China they are professional enough to produce the small quantity of our customized box, then ship the packages to our vendor, according to my personal experience, all of our vendors are willing to pack the box for our goods

More tips to find the suitable wholesale vendor online from China

Looking back and take look from my 20 years of souring the wholesale earphones, in most times, a reliable and suitable vendor doesn’t mean they have very large factory, nor holding expensive acoustics laboratory. But their respond in short time and experienced or not matters more than their physical facilities. And I found a very interest phenomenon, when we souring the wholesale earphones at night of Beijing time, the vendor who respond our emails and messages & calling during their night have great probability to be our most reliable vendors.

We all know that souring the vendors on Alibaba, Global Source and Google is the most places where we find the vendors online, another interest thing is the vendor who ranking at the top pages with beautiful website always don’t means that must be our suitable & reliable vendor, but those who can support us in different situations and respond us to quick way and be very patience to us at any time, they can be our reliable suppliers and even friends in China. 

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