Why Indian loves Neckband Bluetooth Earphone?

Neckband bluetooth earphones are very popular in India since 2017, the market shall of neckband bluetooth earphone is becoming more and higher compared with the wired type of Earphones and headphones. Even-though the users from all the of world knows the highlights of wireless Bluetooth earphones, but when we look at the market shall of this product in India, we will find that the consumers in India have greater interest on the neckband type of Bluetooth headphones, you may have the question, why the Indian people loves neckband wireless headphones? Today, let’s analyze it, and we think there are three main points which decide this phenomenon 


First of All, the natural and geographical conditions in India play a basic role for people to choose the neckband bluetooth earphone


 India is a South Asian country where is very close with Indian Ocean and in its northern there are the largest & famous mountain called Himalayas, with the tremendous land size around 1.28 Million square kilometers, India have the 6 different climate types because of all these complicated geographical conditions in this country, but general speaking, the hot weather in India have longer seasons and larger number of people live in very hot environments, thus, the users loves more to choose the smaller size of Earphones rather than the over ear and on ear design of headphones, as we all know that they will not feel comfortable in hot conditions when we wear the over ear and on ear type of headphones, whatever it’s a Wired type or wireless types.


neckband bluetooth earphone


And secondly, the Indian peoples customs and habits of singing and dancing drives people to choose the neckband bluetooth earphone


India has a thousand years of long history and formed their own splendid cultures and different habits than other countries. Even if you don’t know the special food in India, but all the people outside the India knows that the India people loves and good at singing & dancing, we can see them dancing & singling in any type of movies, TV Show, Interview, ordinary daily life etc that’s very rare for other countries. With these customs and habits in India, you will be very easy to understand and accept that why the India people always require much longer battery inside of the Wireless Bluetooth Earphones, because they are trying to acquire longer playtime of wireless earphones so that they can enjoy their life with this wireless gadget.


For the traditional wireless earphones, there are very limited battery capacity used, it’s not only because of other counties’ consumers may request 3~6 hours of playtime on Bluetooth Earphones to cut the cost, but also the higher battery used, the heaviest of the Bluetooth Earphones it will be, the traditional type of wireless earphones are not suitable for producing it at heavily weight at all because of its design. But for the neckband bluetooth earphone, there are strong cord is used to connect the two side of plastic shell which contain the PCBa board and battery, so that the larger battery from 500mah to 1500mah battery can be used to make sure that the wireless neckband earphones can be used more than 15 hours even 30 hours and there are no pressure at all even if we use it for long time because of this neckband design.


neckband bluetooth earphone 


Last but not the least, the highlights of neckband bluetooth earphone made the India consumers to choosing the neckband type.

  When we study the neckband bluetooth earphone carefully, we will find that there are lots of highlights on this type of earphones including but not limited following highlights


  1. The neckband bluetooth earphone is much more convenient than traditional wireless earphones because you don’t need to hold or pocket it but just carry it on your neck


  1. Cost-effective than the TWS Earbuds and the traditional Bluetooth On Ear /Over Ear Headphones


  1. Bluetooth 5.0 Technology used no need to worry the tangle of the cord at all


The neckband bluetooth earphone perfect fits for multitasking including but not



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