How to choose suitable Headphone Factory for your 2B business?

Headphone Factories are not easy to find for several reasons including but not limited too high MOQ, unwilling to do your logo, don’t accept customize but selling factory’ own brand only , too long production time, designs are not same with what you are looking for etc. there are common questions when you are souring headphone factory anywhere and anytime


As 2B business buyer, we have different requests for our customization orders like, putting our logo on products, customize the packages for orders, smaller MOQ if possible these seems to be contradictory with our headphone factory, but we have very useful suggestions to convince your vendors


For those who meet our requests is the most suitable vendor, but how to find them and negotiate with them? Here are we go


  1. Choose the same or similar Reputation & Volumeof headphone factory with us.

In most times, business is just like marriage, the most happiness marriage is not how rich or how perfect partner you found but it’s about how property of your partner you had find. in real life, anyone who marriage with very rich or excellent one, there are too much pains are waiting for them in their marriage life. This is same theory which also works in business. If we are small start-up company with very limited fond and sources, it’s impossible to works with giant vendor like Foxconn and Flex, but if choose a big factory who supply the goods to Target, Walmart or the famous brands who require very large order quantity like more than 10K pcs even much higher, for such kind of quantity is untouchable quantity for small quantity in the first stage of cooperation, but those small factory who accept small quantity like 500~3000pcs is the most suitable options

 Headphone Factory

  1. How to convincethe headphone factory to lower their MOQ as small as possible?

In most times, the MOQ of customize orders for headphone factory is 3000~5000pcs, this is the most common quantity we can see on the market, however, sometimes, the 2B business buyers are trying to seeking the vendor who can accept few hundreds pcs but put their logo on headphones and customize the packages for our headphones, how can we do convince them? We have very goods suggestions, in the matter of fact, the tooling of logo for headphone is not too expensive, the factory may willing to do it even if you want to ordering 500~1000pcs, but if you can to customize the packages for your headsets too, this kind of quantity may be difficult for them because their vendor who produce the packages of headsets are not willing to produce few hundred pcs at all, for the printing machine, 500~1000pcs of colorful paper packages can be done within few seconds if all preparations are ready. That’s the key reason why your vendor are not willing to accept 500~1000pcs to putting our logo on headphones and custom the packages for it. But we can tell and promise them that this is a trail order, from the second or third repeater orders, the quantity must be more than 3000~5000pcs. And we can also raise a little price to convince your headphone factory. If this solution still does work, we can ordering 500pcs of headphone which put logo on it and ordering 3000pcs of customize colorful paper packages, ship out of 500pcs of goods but leave the rest of packages for next orders,

Headphone Factory



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