Why bluetooth neckband headphones is more suitable for workout?

Bluetooth neckband headphones are now become the most popular and essential gear if you are sports lovers. We can find it in lots of places like the online store, physical stores and sports venues. Compared with the traditional Bluetooth headphones, the bluetooth neckband headphones have own features to attracting very large of the consumers. But before we analyze its characters, we have to understand the requirements of the consumers who love to door outdoor sports and workouts


What problem does the sports lovers facing when doing sports?

As a sports fan, I jogging around 5KM everyday and I also do 400 Sit-ups with extra 200 push-up, some time, I will also play the basketball, badminton etc with my friends and colleagues when we have time. After I insist these sports as my habits, these sports bring me very good health and upgrade my spiritual world to a much better level. At the beginning, I don’t wear any headphones when I do these sports, after a period of time, I noticed that doing sports are very boring especially you are doing it alone. No choice but I have to find the solutions. Then I chose a traditional Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones which is more competitive and more popular at that time, but there are no issues come to us quickly when I use it. The traditional in-ear Bluetooth headphones are very easy to drop out from my ears, I can NOT wear it securely when do the vigorous exercise including but not limited play the basketball, badminton, jogging etc. I also feel the burden in my Ear Canal even though it’s in-ear design.


For most of the old-fashioned wireless in ear headphones, there are very limited batteries inside of the Bluetooth headphones which only can be use around 3~4 hours, as the sports fan, I can’t accept the play time of my Bluetooth headphone is produced with such level. Sweats and rains may appear on the surface of bluetooth headphones which would destroy my sports gear, any of us want to our sports gear can be used for a very long time. Gradually, I find the advantages of the bluetooth neckband headphones and chose it as my essential gear for my sports, here are the features and highlights in detail

bluetooth neckband headphones

Highlights of bluetooth neckband headphones 

Compared with the traditional Bluetooth headphones there are too many advantages of bluetooth neckband headphones which offer the most excellent users experience if you are sports and workout lovers! The neckband headphones means that there is a round rope connect the two side of plastic housings of headphones, inside the plastic housing, there are built-in PCB a Board and battery, with round rope which come across the neckband, the contact area are much added so that the weight of neckband headphones is divided on the neck of our body that’s why the users can not feel the burden of the headphones even if users are doing the very vigorous action. Some of the Bluetooth neckband headphones are design with ear hook which can secure your wearing and making your headphones a never drop-type

bluetooth neckband headphones



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