Why Type C Wired Headphone Is The Trends Of Wired Headphone Instead Of 3.5mm Wired Headphones?

Type C Wired Headphone is known as it has Type C Plug or also called USB Type-C, USB-C Plug on headphone, which is becoming the trends of headphones plug in the audio industry, in the coming future, it have great potential to take place the 3.5mm headphone plug and even Apple Lighting Plug, before we trying to know why, we have to know what’s Type C Wired Headphone Plug


Whats Type C Plug?

The Type C also named as USB Type-C or USB-C, is a connector first released on 2014. Its initial purpose is designed and used to charging for smartphones, but with it changes of the Type C plug, it can be used on more and more devices including the smartphones, laptops, desk computers, etc.  With new USB-C Plug are design based on previous USB port like the USB 2.0 Type-A, USB3.0 Type-A, USB Mini-A, Micro-B, etc. Compared with previous versions of USB ports, the USB Type-C changed to more tiny size and vital, it designed with oval shape which means the appearance is totally same for both sides, when we insert the Type-c Plug into the devices, not like the previous USB port, we have to pay attention to the plug forward right directions, in the contract, we are no need to worry about the direction at all when we inset the Type C Plug including the Type C Wired Headphone with the devices, in one word, the Type C plug is much more portable and convenient than the traditional USB plugs.


Regardless the better user-friendly design on conformation of Type C Plug, it has much more highlights in functionality than the previous versions of USB plugs including the USB 3.0 Micro USB. It has better performance in power, video and data transfer across different devices. It can support maximum of 130watt power, compared with the 2.5water of USB2.0 and USB3.0 of its predecessors, the power speed is 52times than the old versions. This means when you use the Type C Plug to charging your smartphone, your smartphones will be charged in much more shorter time. What’s more, the Type C Plug has much quicker speed when transferring the data, according to the reliable data, the data transfer speed of type C can up to 10Gbps, it around 20 times faster than USB 2.0, which the data is 480 Mbit/s for USB2.0

Type C Wired Headphone

Why the Type C Wired Headphone can be the trends?


As all we can see that the 3.5mm Wired headphones are ubiquitous, why you still think the Type C Wired Headphone is the trends of Wired Headphones? In simple terms, the smartphones makers and the EU commission choose type C port on multiple devices in particular smartphones, we can easily know the features and benefits of type C now, here are more benefits for mobile phone makers including but not limited Huawei, OPPO, VIVO, XIAOMI, Samsung and Big brands.


The big brands clearly know their end users have great interest on the thinner and lighter smartphones with more powerful functions, relatively, this is a contradictory conditions, the more powerful & functions of their devices, the more larger and thicker it will be. However, as  the universal 3.5mm headphone port, the diameter of is 3.5mm audio port is 3.5mm, which is a fixed size on smartphones, with this 3.5mm headphone port on mobile phones, it smartphones makers can’t make their smartphones in thinner way, in order to solve this issue and meet the demands of consumers, removing the 3.5mm headphone port and choose the type C port is the best solution at current situations. The more mobile phone makers choose the Type C port to replace the 3.5mm audio plug, definitely, the Type C Wired Headphone will be the trends of Wired headphones.

Type C Wired Headphone



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