Silk Screen Logo Printing, the Most Popular Way to Do Custom Headphones with Logo

Around 20 years ago, Kimmar start to produce all kinds of Earphones & Headphones with customized logo and packages for customers around the world including but limited Target, Walmart, P&G, Coca-cola, these companies are giant company with great reputation, how Kimmar process the custom headphones with logo? We have our secret weapon when we produce the OEM orders

There are several methods to printing logo on headphone including Laser Marking, Thermal Transfer Printing, Water Transfer Printing, Silk Screen Printing. Today, we’d like to share with you the most popular way, the Silk Screen Logo Printing for wired headphones

Phrase 1 Location on Headphone to print the Logo
There are 3 locations we can print the logo on Wired headphones like the Audio Jack Shell where is connect with the Audio device like Mobile Phone, in this area, the location is very small and the shell always be round type, which making us choose another type of logo printing method. 

 The second place is the top of headband where its main materials are PU or other leather materials, with its larger place for logo printing and users can find the logo very easily, however, this place, the users touch it by hand frequently and the leather materials on headband are not the best option for logo printing, after using period of time, the logo on may faded or broken.

But the use the method of silk screen printing on two sides of headband when produce the order of custom headphones with logo is the best option, here are following reasons
Much larger space for logo Printing
In most times, the surface of two sides on headphones are more flat and easy to do the logo printing
The clients can see the logo from both sides of headband much more frequency
Silk screen printing logo on plastic part is very durable and high resolution, it won’t fade within few years

Phrase 2 the Process & Craft to do the silk screen logo printing on headphones
There are 1 material and 2 tooling for silk screen printing, Printing ink, Printing Stencil and Squeegee. Before we start to printing the logo, printing Ink have to be dispensed totally same with clients’ Pantone number, and what’s more the concentration of the printing ink can NOT be too concentrated nor too diluted. After that, time to choose the suitable Printing Stencil, which have 450~500 meshes on the stencil is the right option. At last but not the least Squeegee is one of the most very useful tool, the Polyurethane material Squeegee have very good Abrasion resistance, Solvent resistance and Resilience, this is not the end choose the Polyurethane Squeegee with 60~80 Shore hardness are the most common option when we do the custom headphones with logo, take our giant customer Coca-Cola Headphones for example, the logo of Coca-Cola and its tree were produced in perfect condition, very clear logo on headphone, no speckle and no scratches and no blurry edge, nobody can imagine that we produced this custom headphones with logo for Coca-Cola more than 5 years, now it good look, this headphone still looks like produce last month.

At last but not the least, we’d like to show you the photo of the Headphone we produced for Coca-Cola with its logo below

Custom Headphones with Logo



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