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Why Indian loves Neckband Bluetooth Earphone?

Neckband bluetooth earphones are very popular in India since 2017, the market shall of neckband bluetooth earphone is becoming more and higher compared with the wired type of Earphones and headphones. Even-though the users from all the of world knows the highlights of wireless Bluetooth earphones, but when we look at t

How’s wired earbuds for iphone could be?

Wired earbuds for iphonehave too many modelsof designs for options on the markets, from the big brands Anker, Symphonizedand iPhone itself, every giants are trying their best to occupy the market share as possible as they can, from the Financial Statementsof Apple Inc, we can see that the Earbuds is the most profitable

What’s the advantage of 3.5mm audio plug?

The 3.5mm audio plug is a audio device connector with 3.5mm diameter of the plug, which is also known as audio jack, headphones jack, headphones plug, it have long history which can be dated back 19thcentury, the 3.5mm audio plug is used to transferringanalog audio signals since more than100 years ago but still widely

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